About Us

Cloud Mentor is a leading IT and Cloud service provider with in-depth expertise in implementation of salesforce CRM and Accounting Seed ERP solutions.

With the primary goal to help businesses achieve their cloud vision, Cloud Mentor was established as a consulting branch of iVanik LLC, a software services company founded in March 2010.  Cloud Mentor offers immense experience in project management and delivery of high-quality products in the SaaS ( Software as a Service) domain.

At Cloud Mentor, our focus is to enrich customer experience and deliver high value to our partners by leveraging our innovative talent and industry expertise. We pride ourselves in:

  • Implementations of salesforce CRM and Accounting Seed ERP.
  • Integration of salesforce and Accounting Seed with other third party software.
  • salesforce Sales Cloud, Services Cloud , Lightning, Analytics and Communities, implementations/customization.
  • Pardot implementations and customizations.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Great synergy and positive work culture
  • Rich industry experience
  • Proven track record in salesforce and Accounting Seed implementations
  • We recognize salesforce as a true platform to minimize costs
  • Believe in client collaboration from start to finish
  • Focus on maximizing ROI and enhancing customer experience

Our Method

We follow a hybrid project management method that brings together the traditional Waterfall Project Management techniques and Agile Project Management methodology. We call it the Cmentor method of project management and has helped us in quick implementation of SaaS projects, within the budget.

Benefits of Working with Us

  • We create a Project Plan like any other traditional waterfall project management methodology.
  • We divide the project into smaller 2 to 3 week blocks of time (milestones), during which we work on defined and agreed upon action items.
  • With regular check-ins and demonstrations along the way, you stay completely involved – no surprises and you are pretty much part of the team.
  • With a strict focus on the must-haves and getting to go-live as soon as possible, you control the timing and the budget.